Minimalist Wall Art with Mapiful

Minimalist wall art


Have you ever heard of Mapiful? If not, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them!

For the past year, we’ve had to transform and adapt our house/apartment into our work office, gym, spa, and entertainment area due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making our home more organized and homey as never been so crucial for our physical and mental health.

At this point, and with no exaggeration, it’s just NECESSARY to create a space where we feel comfortable and bring us the peace that we need (with the chaotic world and the mask-wearing!).

And with SPRING🌱 right around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to clean uprefresh and renew our space with new home decor pieces.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE home decor merchandising!

Playing with shapes, colors, textures, and placements is so my thing!

I’ve learned two important things while shopping and decorating my condo into having a flawless and exquisite home decor aesthetic: 1) less is more, and 2) everything is in the details!

“The devil is in the details”Jane Jacobs


Mapiful is an online-based website that let you customizable Scandinavian-inspired prints. These prints are map art of city streetsregionstext artpersonal photographzodiac signs and even constellations (star map).

Their mission is to help you bring about your personal creativity and unique touch to customize your wall arts.

It gave you a chance to design home decor pieces based on your experiences, specials & intimate events, and to mirror your personality at the same time.

So often, you can’t find the right wall art or painting to decorate your space because these generic pieces sold in retail stores don’t seem to personally speak to you. I totally understand the struggle!

With Mapiful, you get to put together your ideas and create the art you love from scratch!

Here are some examples of city map prints!

So freaking pretty and artsy, right!? Can you see yourself integrating these prints into your living room or bedroom? I sure do! I hope you’re feeling inspired!


You have many options for customizing your prints:

  • Choosing the location & date
  • Editing the labels
  • Choosing the appearance, style, and theme
  • The size of the print
  • The orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • The text (adding your personal message and headers)
  • Selecting a date of birth and zodiac sign
  • Upload personal pictures

Also, the shipping is fast & free , they use high-quality paper, and the production is eco-friendly. What more can you ask for!?!


Along with your custom art wall print, you get to pair it with a beautiful frame. You have the choice between metalnatural wood frames, and metal and natural wood poster hangers. The frames are simple yet perfect for your minimalist decor.


In my opinion, the perfect gifts are not the most expensive ones but the ones that comes from the heart and have personal meaning!

Through these wall prints, you get to show personal events and experiences shared with your friends, your partner and your family members.

Whether it be…

  • your favorite city visited with your best friend
  • the city where you met your partner
  • the exotic country you honeymooned with your newlywed husband or wife
  • the date your parent celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary
  • the star map of when your grandmother passed away
  • or simply your zodiac map (yes, give yourself a gift!)

…there’s the perfect print to represent these meaningful events and make it a beautiful memory!

Now, this is what I call the perfect gift!

First Apartment Together

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Let me know in the comment section which custom design you would love to order from Mapiful! I’m working on my gallery wall frame set of the cities I’ve visited!

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Take care & talk to you later!

This blog post was in collaboration with Mapiful.

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